Common issues

Your server may run into a common issue, which we have documented here to assist in your troubleshooting.

404 and Default SSL Certificate Shown for Dedicated IP Domain

There is a use case where you may have a dedicated IP for your cPanel account, and only one domain.

Under normal circumstances, if you directly access the dedicated IP, the correct SSL certificate and website will be shown. You may find, though, that the main server certificate shows a 404 error, if your account has been suspended and then reactivated.

This is because the sequence of SSL virtual host configuration in httpd.conf matters. For a given IP, the default SSL certificate used is the first SSL vhost configured for that IP. In the case of an account that has been suspended and then reactivated, the vhost configuration sequence has been changed. As such, the default SSL vhost is configured first for the IP, and so the default certificate is used.

You can manually move the vhost configuration for your domain above the default SSL vhost, so that your IP will use the certificate configured for your vhost.

How to force the vhost configuration to be generated in the desired order is out of the control of LiteSpeed Web Server software. If you wish to do this, please contact the control panel vendor for further assistance.

Last update: July 10, 2020