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Owned vs Leased Licenses


  • One time payment
  • One year of free product updates


If you would like to update the product to a newer version after this one year period, you can purchase another year of updates at a discounted price. Check out our How-To article to learn more.


  • Smaller monthly/yearly payments
  • Free updates at any time



  • We do NOT offer refunds.
  • We DO offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all new orders if you and our support team cannot get our product(s) working up to your standards.

Keep in mind:

  • When you submit a cancellation request, the license you're cancelling will automatically be removed from your pending invoices.
  • Your account will stay active (even if you have no active licenses), so you can use it when you want to buy a new license.
  • If you have a PayPal subscription, please note that YOU HAVE TO GO TO PAYPAL TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION, otherwise PayPal will continue sending payments. We have no control over PayPal subscriptions. They are controlled entirely by PayPal.
  • All new invoices are prorated, so you won't be charged for a full month when you make another purchase.


  • We do not allow downgrading owned licenses.
  • Leased annual and monthly licenses can both be downgraded to any other license type except a Free Starter license.
    • You will be refunded a prorated credit for the price difference for the remainder of the time period when you downgrade a leased license.
    • The downgrade will go into effect immediately and the new price will go into effect the next payment period.

Prorated Billing

Our billing system offers prorated billing, meaning if you purchase a license half-way through the month, you will only be charged for the remaining days of that month. The following month, you will be billed for the entire month. This way each month you will get one combined invoice for all of your licenses.

If you purchase a license in the last few days of the month (depending on your license, it can start as early as the 20th of the month), you will be charged for the remaining days of that month and the entire following month.

Grace Period

We offer a 7-day grace period for all orders to ensure there is plenty of time to make payments before the licenses terminate.

If you wait for the license to expire, and then order a new one, that is grace period abuse and we do not allow it.

If you abuse the grace period your grace period will be removed and your licenses will terminate immediately if your invoice is not paid on time.


If you do not pay on time, your license will get suspended, and then will eventually expire.

If you need extra time to make a payment please contact us and we will extend the expiration date. There is a late fee.

Late Fees

When you pay your invoice after the due date you incur a late fee. It is a 5% late fee ($2 USD minimum) of the due payment added direclty to your invoice.


We reserve the right to ban/blacklist IPs at our discretion.

We most commonly blacklist IPs due to using an illegal copy of our software. These copies are not only illegal, but often much less secure than official versions of the software because of their inability to receive security updates.


We offer a range of discounts to support many different clients/businesses/organizations. These discounts apply to all licenses and license add-ons, but exclude the premium support services.

  • These discounts apply to monthly/annually leased licenses as well as owned licenses. The annually leased licenses and the owned licenses have their discounts caluclated based on their monthly counterpart.


To find the "monthly spending", if you have an owned Web Host Professional license, we add $46 to each month to account for that. Four owned Web Host Professional licenses is 46*4=184, so you would receive a 15% discount for them.

  • Owned licenses also only count toward the discount if they are actively updating. Each owned license comes with one free year of updates. If you would like to continue receiving updates (and count the license toward the discount) you can purchase the year of updates add-on for a minimal price.


We offer a 25% off discount to schools and not-for-profit organizations.


Because we appreciate your LiteSpeed loyalty, we offer bulk discounts starting at 15% off when you spend at least $144 USD/month.


We offer tiered discounts for resellers, beginning at 15% off when spending at least $144 USD/month.

Affiliate Program

By referring a new customer, you can earn 10% of the license revenue for the life of that license. If the customer upgrades or downgrades their license, your revenue is adjusted accordingly as well.

The earnings are pending for 90 days, then if the customer is still using the license you can start collecting the payment.

You can be reimbursed via PayPal or directly to your credit balance to pay for your own licenses.

Last update: October 27, 2023