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Cache Add-on Application Supported LSCache Objects Magento Objects
LSCache Standard WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Opencart, Xenforo, Rewrite Rules, etc. Unlimited 0
LiteMage Starter + LSCache Everything LSCache supports + Magento Unlimited 1,500
LiteMage Standard + LSCache Everything LSCache supports + Magento Unlimited 25,000
LiteMage Unlimited + LSCache Everything LSCache supports + Magento Unlimited Unlimited

How to Choose a License

  • LSCache is included free of charge with all licenses (except the legacy VPS, Ultra VPS and 1-CPU licenses).
  • Starting with the Site Owner license and higher, LiteMage Starter + LSCache is selectable at no charge.

Our Recommendation

  • If you are using a CMS other than Magento, all you need is LSCache Standard.
  • LiteMage is a caching solution built specifically for Magento stores. LiteMage plugins are available for both Magento1.x and Magento2.x. If you have Magento, use at least LiteMage Starter + LSCache.


Keep an eye on our site for the list of currently available plugins.

Some Factors to Consider

  • You can always upgrade or downgrade.

You can upgrade or downgrade between the different LSCache options at any time and you will only be charged (or credited) the difference in the license cost for the remainder of the billing period. (This only applies to leased licenses)

  • Have you tried a trial license?

A trial license is the best way to get an idea of what license type is right for you. Our trial license includes LiteMage Unlimited + LSCache. It also will give you an object count of exactly how many objects your store has.

  • LiteMage works with any object cache limit.

A Magento user can use any LiteMage license for their store. The LiteMage license tiers are based on how many LiteMage objects it will cache, but if you have more objects than the limit, LiteMage will continue working, it just will not cache any more objects. For help determining the right LiteMage tier for your store, see our LiteMage Overview.

Last update: October 16, 2023