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LiteSpeed Web Server with CyberPanel

CyberPanel is a control panel built especially for LiteSpeed servers. You can use it for free with OpenLiteSpeed, our open source web server, or you can purchase a LiteSpeed Enterprise license bundled with CyberPanel.

CyberPanel bundles are currently available for leased licenses only, but an addon for owned licenses is planned soon.

What's Included

If you're not sure which LiteSpeed License is best for your server, please see our How to Choose a License guide. The CyberPanel bundles all include the same features as the corresponding non-CyberPanel LSWS licenses.


The LiteSpeed Web Host Lite license features unlimited top-level domains, and 8GB RAM limit, 1 Worker process, and LiteSpeed Cache built in.

The LiteSpeed + CyberPanel Web Host Lite bundle also has those same features and restrictions, and also includes a CyberPanel license.


  • Free Starter with CyberPanel: $0/month
  • Site Owner with CyberPanel: $11/month
  • Site Owner Plus with CyberPanel: $17/month
  • Web Host Lite with CyberPanel: $28/month
  • Web Host Essential with CyberPanel: $38/month
  • Web Host Professional with CyberPanel: $48/month
  • Web Host Enterprise with CyberPanel: $70/month
  • Web Host Elite with CyberPanel: $97/month

This pricing is accurate at the time of this writing, but please be aware that the LiteSpeed store is the final authority on pricing.

Upgrading an Existing License

It is possible to upgrade a non-CyberPanel license to a license that includes CyberPanel (and vice-versa). We will charge (or refund) the prorated difference between the two licenses.

Please see our Upgrade/Downgrade Licenses guide for assistance.

Last update: October 27, 2023