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Configuration is optional. Once the plugin is activated, your cache is already up and running, but you can customize a few settings on the configuration screen, if you wish.


Clear Cache

It is not necessary to purge the cache under normal everyday usage. Content can be added and edited on your site and LSCache will purge the impacted pages automatically.

If, however, you are upgrading your website, changing the site theme and/or logo, adding a new extension, etc, you will want to purge the whole cache then. Use these buttons to do so.

Clear this site

This option only clears the current Drupal installation. This helps if you have multiple Drupal installations on the same virtual host.

Clear all

This button clears the entire LiteSpeed cache for this virtual host. This includes any other web apps using LSCache (WordPress, XenForo, etc.) on this vhost.

LSCache Settings

Cache Status

This should be ON if you want to use LSCache. Turn it OFF to stop caching your site.


If turned on, LiteSpeed Cache will emit extra headers for testing while developing or deploying.

Public Cache TTL

This value determines the number of seconds the pages on your Drupal site can remain in cache before they are considered out-of-date. Default is 28800, the equivalent of 8 hours.

Last update: September 2, 2022