LiteSpeed's LSCache for Joomla! is a high performance, low cost, user friendly cache extension for Joomla! v3.x+ sites running on a LiteSpeed web server. It will tremendously speed up your site, and reduce server load with minimal management efforts.

For most Joomla! sites, the default settings work well. However, LSCJoomla is flexible and provides many ways to fine-tune your cache, if you are so inclined.

For advanced Joomla! sites such as e-commerce sites, LiteSpeed's cutting-edge ESI functionality combined with cache options for logged-in users allows your complex business site to run with the efficiency of a static file site. Your store's pleasant user experience will encourage repeat customers.

The smart auto-purge feature minimizes cache management needs. No more worrying about synchronization problems. LSCJoomla will detect that you changed an article, you changed a menu setting, or you changed a module setting. Then, it will automatically purge related pages. This gives you the freedom to set a longer cache expiration time and improve visitor experience, confident that the cache will be purged when the relevant content or setting changes.

Some components and some pages may not work well with cache. LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla allows flexible exclude rules for those components and pages.

VirtueMart support

Since the VirtueMart eCommerce component is a Joomla component, LiteSpeed's LSCache plugin for Joomla supports VirtueMart by default and there is no extra plugin required.

Additional Support

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The LiteSpeed Cache extension is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). See our website for more information.

Last update: July 13, 2020