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LSCache Configuration Without Plugins

What is LSCache?

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature of LiteSpeed server products.

LSCache accelerates dynamic content (not just PHP pages), with features very similar to those in Apache mod_cache, using an efficient, highly customizable, native implementation within the LiteSpeed server, which greatly reduces page load time and server load.

LSCache eliminates the extra reverse-proxy layer(s) required by add-on cache packages (such as Varnish), providing faster, more efficient handling of static content in addition to its stellar handling of dynamic content.


If there is a plugin available for your application, we strongly recommend you use it. There are significant advantages to a plugin, that you cannot get with simple rewrite rules.

If there is no plugin available, you can still use LSCache with your web applications, as long as you meet the server requirements.

Server-Level Prerequisites

Obtain a LiteSpeed Web Server

You will either need LiteSpeed-powered hosting, or one of the following LiteSpeed server products in order to use LSCache:

Install, Configure and Use LSCache

Once you've gotten your web server up and running, you will need to configure the cache root and cache policies, and then set up the rewrite rules that control LSCache's behavior.

Our Installation and Configuration section will get you going.

Additional Support

If you still have a question after reading through the documentation, you have a few options:


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Last update: July 12, 2021