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Install LiteSpeed Web Server

These instructions are for installing LiteSpeed Web Server from SSH as root. If you are looking for something else, here are some alternatives:


See the Install LiteSpeed Web Server With a Trial License video here.


Download the LiteSpeed Web Server tarball from the LiteSpeed Technologies website.

Run the following commands from SSH as root:

cd /root


Replace the values in the above URL to reflect your OS and the version of LSWS you wish to download. For example:

  • lsws-6.0.6-ent-x86_64-linux = LSWS Enterprise v6.0.6 for 64 bit Linux
  • lsws-6.0.6-ent-x86_64-freebsd = LSWS Enterprise v6.0.6 for 64 bit FreeBSD


Use the following command to unpack the tarball:

tar zxfv  lsws-*-ent-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

Run Installation Script

Access the unpacked folder:

cd lsws-*

Create a file containing your paid license serial number or your trial key:

echo "SERIAL_NO" >


Replace SERIAL_NO with your actual license serial number or trial key. (Double quotes are optional in this context.)

Run the install script:


The installer will ask you a number of questions covered in detail here.


  • Choose the default setting when in doubt.

  • For the LiteSpeed process username and groupname, set the same values as you would for Apache. Choosing the LiteSpeed default of nobody:nobody may create a file permission problem.

Install PHP

Enable the LiteSpeed repository and download LSPHP according to these instructions. You may have a default php.ini file installed through RPMs.

Last update: August 26, 2022