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Trial License Installation

A LiteSpeed Web Server trial gives you 15 free days with a Web Host Professional license, and includes the LiteMage Unlimited option.


You may request two consecutive trials for the same IP address, giving you 30 days to test. If you need more time beyond 30 days, please contact to reset the trial period for your IP address.


There are multiple ways to install LiteSpeed Web Server with a Trial license. Choose the best one for you.

cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin

Use this method if you are a control panel user switching from Apache

While logged in as root, run the following command to install LiteSpeed and to request a trial license automatically:

bash <( curl ) TRIAL

For more details about installing LSWS with a control panel, please see the following:


If you are starting from scratch without Apache or a control panel, we recommend CyberPanel with LiteSpeed Web Server, as the easiest option:

While logged in as root, run the following command to install CyberPanel and LiteSpeed Web Server with a trial license:

sh <(curl || wget -O -

Select 2 for LiteSpeed Enterprise, and input the word TRIAL when prompted for a serial number.

For more details about installing LSWS with CyberPanel, please see CyberPanel's installation documentation or our video.

Native LSWS

If you are starting from scratch without Apache, and you don't want a control panel, you can install LiteSpeed Web Server in Native mode.

If you haven't already, request a trial license from our website.

Download the LSWS package and decompress it.

Your trial license key (trial.key) is attached to the email you will receive from info@litespeedtech,com. You can download it and send it to your remote server via FTP. After downloading the installation package, copy the license key file to the expanded installation directory (where is located).

Run ./ as root.

For more information about installing LSWS from the command line, please see the documentation or the video.

LiteSpeed Cache

To get the most out of your LiteSpeed Web Server, caching is crucial. For best results, be sure to configure your cache root and cache policy, and then enable caching.

Once you've installed LiteSpeed Web Server and enabled LSCache, you should see a significant drop in the server load and improvements in time to first byte. If you do not notice such a difference, there may be a configuration issue. Please contact for assistance.

Last update: October 16, 2023