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  • LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop-in Apache alternative. It can load Apache configuration files directly, and integrates with all the most popular control panels. LSWS is known to conserve resources without sacrificing performance. Because LiteSpeed Web Server replaces all Apache functions, it simplifies use, and makes the transition to a new server easy and convenient.
  • LiteSpeed Web ADC is a high performance load balancer application. This application offers its users the advantage of being able to manage multiple backend servers ranging from few, but very heavy sites, to thousands of domains at a time. With LSCache included, Web ADC provides speed increases like no alternative ADC/load balancer.
  • CDN is the first and only CDN service with the ability to intelligently cache dynamic WordPress pages.
  • LiteSpeed Memcached is an open source, drop-in replacement for memcached with some really cool features not available in memcached.
  • OpenLiteSpeed is a high performing, open source HTTP server. It provides speed, security, and scalability, wrapped in a an open-source package.

Last update: November 16, 2023